Away in Dream

As it would be, it is dure. Time that would be so, it is thus. Time together should be so, alas not. Careless it is not. Callous, far from this. Just a moment more, such rare bliss. As much as the caress of her hand, as any kiss upon her lips. Far there, and away upon endless sea. Far it is, for these feet to fall upon those shores. Just dream, and know she’s there. In such sleep, I will find my way to her. – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading Away in Dream

In That If of Ever

What wonder in that if of ever. Veiled grey, as fog would, then all begone. Done are those days that dwell upon that lake’s edge. Peer upon less murky tide. Unsmiling, uninvited, unheard from. Where now in such wonder, in that if of ever? Wayfires that warm this wanderer in soul. Home, and lit candle. Window where she waits and smiles. The hex of roaming lies here no more. All spells lifted save one. Hers upon me, and the road calls nevermore. Now gone, this if of ever. She is every moment, smiling, parting her hair, at me, and enchantment, … Continue reading In That If of Ever


Apricity upon the dark hours. Never wend, like some vagabond of old. Montivagant, searching for that missing piece. Upon the rolling green, deep in the heathers. Naught but cloak and boot, and the knives of every night stabbing all resolution. Not so, and she is here. In dreams, her luminescence, the touch of her hand upon mine. In the morn, her look upon me. Smile, the curl of her lips, laughter. Hold her close, hear her heart, know it beats just as mine. As one, as in love, as it always will. – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading Fortune

Breath, Shiver

Deny the day what beauty it brings. The dawn, the sky, the sun. Deny every moon what light it should shed. Under such glow, every lover together, and the night left to be undone. Deny not what answer would fall from your lips should I ask you the mystery within my heart. What would you want more with these hands, that my eyes have not done with you more than a hundred times already? Of what that burns in me? To have such fate as ashes do? In a thousand times the clock face goes around, none the time changes. … Continue reading Breath, Shiver

Hades Claimed His Due

No more flowers. Their bloom bears too much color. No red, no peach, no trace of blue against white. I cannot bear more than grey. No more sky. There is not much it holds for me any more. Every dream that was sent had spent their moments there. Little wishes, smiles upon moments. Had I found a shirt she’d like or a song I wanted to share. In the wind now, blown far from my sight. No more roads for me. They all are bleached with the color of ghosts. They call at every hour, and sing that chorus of … Continue reading Hades Claimed His Due