There, light upon the East. Nights turn into sand. Every second, pitiless, they fall from my hand. Days burn into wait, salt upon each hour, down upon my face. Just turn away into that nevermore. Raven wing dark, and caludron cast every curse upon me. In torrents thick as mud. Spin those spells, siren calls, and Charybdis awaits me. Turn away, from that light upon the East. So​ I walk away forevermore. – Mitsuo Tanaka Advertisements Continue reading Dimmed


Beset by what, mere shadow, built by flameless glow? Not deep enough. The edges of me still sillouette against such light. Vanish, like the smoke of the last drag, and I shall. Kill the nail, watch the night drink the embers. Walk now, where no gaze sets upon me. There, sanctuary. There, solace. There, home. In what wayward angel calls me here. Silent street, amber halo above the city. All I’ve ever needed was here. Fade, into this city. Become forgotten, in this city. One last swig and I am now lost here. Until clocks bear no time. – Mitsuo … Continue reading Fade

How is She Now?

Sing, like a prayer. Cast upon empty sky. Past what starlit atmosphere would hold. Into darkness. Silent, breathless. Appear upon Martian dawn. Sun, cold, barren rock. Carried upon phantom wind and memory. Floats then ascends. Disappears back into desolate realms. That every dream, upon every night, but a tear. Salt heals never a wound, grows it sad. From what is held deep in this silence until I do sing once more. Continue reading How is She Now?


The hour grows tired. Minutes pass as if mired.  Dull in their moment, hazy in their memory.  Move, and it must towards that time of sleep, but not dream. If it were a matter of dreams, mine then in distant horizon.  Chased by only sun and wish.  It’s on that road, through rain and ice, and every chill that sky and wind can deliver.  It’s there.  That place, without lethargy, the plodding of footsteps that seem to go anywhere but forward in this cold.  I am here though.  There is where I need to go. Continue reading There

Day’s End

Feels like the end of the day. Tired, worn, eyes open only for traffic. Body sore, hands ache as they grip the wheel. Less light now to see the pall of pallid faces. Feels like that shower, and the lather of soap. The hours of work washed down the drain. It stops now. That grind, that gritting of teeth, those white knuckles now flush with color. Breathe, and now it’s gone. Feels like that walk outside, while the city still pulses. Eyes now open, under amber haze and buzzing street lights. Engines, tires splash upon puddles, headlights that turns the … Continue reading Day’s End

Rust Colored Night

Lightning, then none.  Once more, then done.  Roar, thunder, cannons in the sky.  Humid night,  rain stopped, and sticky air clung on to sweat. The storm is not far away. Puddles, tiny rivers, ponds that were parking lots.  Shoes soaked, socks drenched.  It will stay so as well.  Ash a cigarette in the mud.  Light another for company.  The hours go on, and I feel a little less.  Only older, and no one can stop loss.  A bottle turned up and down, nothing gained.  Just more time lost, and the years seem to go on so. That no matter what … Continue reading Rust Colored Night