She sent it on a cloud in the sky. Every whisper meant, every tear felt, each moment we could have spent. She blew a kiss with it, that one, the largest ivory one in the sky. Should we be together, apart, lonely, in love, holding each other, screaming at one another. In every second we could have been in love. There as if in the Heavens. So far from our hands. I’ll never forget the cloud she sent nor the rain it brought. Every drop of the deluge a good bye, until the sun broke through, and once again it’s … Continue reading Heart

Late Night, Restless

  It is midnight perfect here. The rain falls heavily outside, rising to a crescendo, then falls to back its usual noise of its grind. The eaves drop like perspiration. It is otherwise quiet but not dark. The city needs light, but what is lit is left to be desired. Drive out to past the dull ache of street lamps, and I find myself where it used to be home. That nowhere in the now, that none of my memory matters. Just new ones, but never as many, as well as those before. Just the dreams that come and go … Continue reading Late Night, Restless

Nothing Stays

It doesn’t feel like writing upon the wind.  Silent, invisible, unknown to all but one.  It doesn’t feel as if it were moonlight upon water, and a ripple to mar what mirrors the heavens. Still nothing holds form for as long as the sun.  No wall, no battlement, not even the char of sieges long since past.  Not even the castle, and the court it once called. There are the tiny smiles in which bloom then wither.  In the time they do, fleeting as they are, some I’ll admit go to you. Something in regard forever, in warm heart and … Continue reading Nothing Stays

What Was Left Behind

Remind me of that night, in that moment I asked you to listen. Wind through the trees. Cars passing by. Whatever that sound was that lizard made. The streets lights were still amber, and we were alone in those shadows. Remind me, that was after I first kissed you, all those years ago. Tell me again, why it was you smiled. That this was something we wanted to do all day. That parting was not in our minds. That all the words we spat into each other, the arguments, and finally those papers signed and the ink dried. Seems as … Continue reading What Was Left Behind