In That If of Ever

What wonder in that if of ever. Veiled grey, as fog would, then all begone. Done are those days that dwell upon that lake’s edge. Peer upon less murky tide. Unsmiling, uninvited, unheard from. Where now in such wonder, in that if of ever? Wayfires that warm this wanderer in soul. Home, and lit candle. Window where she waits and smiles. The hex of roaming lies here no more. All spells lifted save one. Hers upon me, and the road calls nevermore. Now gone, this if of ever. She is every moment, smiling at me forevermore. – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading In That If of Ever


Apricity upon the dark hours. Never wend, like some vagabond of old. Montivagant, searching for that missing piece. Upon the rolling green, deep in the heathers. Naught but cloak and boot, and the knives of every night stabbing all resolution. Not so, and she is here. In dreams, her luminescence, the touch of her hand upon mine. In the morn, her look upon me. Smile, the curl of her lips, laughter. Hold her close, hear her heart, know it beats just as mine. As one, as in love, as it always will. – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading Fortune

What Dreams May Come

No candles any more. Just dark. No sleep that lasts. Just light. Such a useless thing that days are. Seeing naught but what has shattered. No dreams any more. Just blades in the night. They stab my heart until it drips morphine. No colors about the sky. Just time upon a saturine sea. That water that drowns all but tears. No moons any more. Just cast reflections against the tide. That pale phantasm that reminded me I loved her. Just blurry ripples, then it’s gone. – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading What Dreams May Come


At the pace of every falling star. Mirror of the night, across dark lake. The destiny of moments, as much as dust, as much as the distance of those pale flickers. Ever still, forevermore now. Then kiss, what then? A beauty that makes all other things seem ill. Onyx treasure, in every glance she gives. That there is warmth in the chill of every breeze. That the dawn would rise and bloom as roses do, as she would waken. One day, all moments such as these. With her, only her, always her. – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading Vanish