Fade to There

If there was an always, a storm upon distant sea, fierce wind upon the crags of a lonely shore, the grey wash of the moors still further. The light of day somewhere beyond haunted woods with titan oaks that touch unknown stars, unto mountains toppling, crashing ceaselessly from sundered cliffs unto a far shore. Another sea, another lightless morrow, another day spent for search of that elusive warmth and color that the day does bring. Fade into the restlessness of each lurch of every tide. Fade into the moonless, Stygian waters, cloud soaked horizon, and beyond, another tempest to keep … Continue reading Fade to There

She is There

She could be there, gossamer and grinning, but no less closer.  She could be sighing, far past setting sun, in lands where it just rose.  If I but some ship, some way to set sail.  Cherish the winds that bring me there.  Hail the tides that draw me closer.  Should the night seek me in form of every gloom, I could bear but it all.  If only one were with her.  If but one, and then none, and love nevermore, it would be moments spent well. For to dream of one woman upon each tide, I bless each wave.  Pray … Continue reading She is There