Gaze, watch, and all the while not touch it. Stand before it, walk through its belly, and sink into its depths.

Enjoy it, loathe it, all the same. Find wicked little things that come your way. Search for baubles that forget the day and keep you in dream.

It’s addicting. Everything so close but most of it out of most grasps. It’s wonderful, full of life and answers, at least the ones given to you.

Learn to love it. Become born on to it. Never leave it. Touch all but a fraction of it, no matter your travel. You’ll never live in all of it, cloister in tiny spaces like rats, toil evermore for it, thank it every day until gratitude runs thin and days blur, and the more you work, the more you seem to owe.

Welcome then, the trap of ever. The city has a smile for all.


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