One day I’ll say Hi to you, I think.  Never will know what day thay will be, but at times, it’ll never be too soon.  Dunno what time of day, but I think it’ll be noon, I suppose.  Lunch always seems nice in firsts.

I’ll say Hi and see you, you see me, and then see what we will see.  Can’t say what we’d say after.  Most times, I don’t know what to say.  I’ve a rather simple life, nothing special.  Nothing wrong, so I guess that would be good.

I’m not rich.  I build nothing.  I have no fame, nor even a legacy.  No fancy car, no nice house.  Nothing to really mention really.  I’ll say these things if you ask it of me.  I hope by then our drinks will be ready.  Ice tea, cold in a glass for me.

I will listen to you.  Every second you do speak.  I’d rather hear your voice than mine in these moments.  The sweat of my glass will trickle, the conversation broken shortly be the server.  I’ll probably have something I won’t hog out on, something with rice.  I’m Asian like that.

It’s not the first time I’ve sat across a table, on the other side of conversation.  I’ll seem distant, my gaze seems to float about.  Waiter passing by, couple entering the restaurant, a group of friends leaving quietly.  I’m always thinking.  What you’re saying, what to do next, what the hell am I doing with this beautiful woman in front of me.

In case you wonder, I can be shy.  Life’s been beating me down, but I don’t want to talk about that.  Wouldn’t be anything to muse about.  My eyes will probably be more focused on you.  The furrow on your brow if you should frown, but more the light in your eyes as you speak.  Jewels sparkle less than those.

If I do just see your eyes light up, if even for a moment, and a smile glide across your face, then it was all worth it.

The time, the place, the memory of every second spent.  The flavor of the meal, the din of the lunch crowd, cool air from the AC.  The thing I’ll treasure most though, is that you are there.  Maybe one more time, maybe many more, or never at all.

Still, you were there.  One day, and all the best parts of my heart just beat with that much more excitement.


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