Dream Under Dark


In what depths does this night bring me to?

Dare it to take me fathoms below inky tide and sunken ships. Well past the Kraken Deeps, where the tides lay near still, and when they move, I would know it to be far too late to flee.

Swim direly through this hadal realm. Feel the hands of the Lord of Tides upon my throat. Hear the wail of every drowned mariner. Watch as the cage door slams before me, latches locked, and down I go.

There, beyond the grasp of even Hades. There, and a Boschian terror would seem welcome.

Never dawn break. Never blue sky. Just lungs screaming for air, eyes that peer into the eternal ether. My hands forever pounding against cold iron and freezing current.

What will this night bring me, in the hours before the morrow’s light?


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