I Saw Her


I saw her but once, as fleeting as a glimpse. She could’ve been a phantom from some old, forgotten dream. She could have been just the sun coming out from late day shadows, peering through the branches of a great tree nearby.

I saw her, and she was sitting and smiling. I should’ve stopped my work and turned my gaze completely towards her. I should’ve walked over and sat next to her and shared that big smile she had on her face, on that stairway not far from where I stood. Notice the light on her fine features. The way her hair parted just so, and see every bit of that beautiful face.

I didn’t stop that day. I saw her nevermore. Not that she wasn’t around but it was exactly that woman in that moment that was gone.

That she was but glance fading fast in sight of that far shore called memory. A big sweet smile and the wave of her delicate hand. I’ve only that moment and nothing more, and at the mercy of time, perhaps see her just that way in the picture in my head.


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