Wahiawa 1/19/13


Laundry is done.  I decide to linger here at the town center.  The hint of rain pelts my cell screen.  A cool trade breezes by and beckons me to stay. 

I oblige.

A man is putting oil in his truck.  A pizza cook takes a quick smoke outside.  An ambulance siren fires off in the distance. 

Nothing really breaks the calm here though.

Talked with the friendly girl at B&R.  She’s in her 2nd trimester, expecting a boy.  I’m happy for her and her boyfriend. 

A homeless man greets me with a “Happy New Year” as he lights his prize of a half-smoked cigarette from his pocket.  I keep an eye on his cane despite the fact he’s relatively harmless.  Old habits die hard.


I am under here again. I’m actually deciding what I want for lunch. Even in this tiny town center, there’s much to eat here. Local food, Korean BBQ, pho, as well as the more common sub sandwich places that seem to diminish the unique quality of the various dives and eateries that abound on my island.

A different homeless guy thrashes about outside. Looks like he’s tweaking off of ice. I get worried about the elderly people walking by. I call 911, give a description. Shirtless, grey pants, dark skin. I keep an eye on him until an officer arrives. Apparently the local station sent the biggest cop they had on duty. I point where the tweaker went to and leave cop affairs alone thereafter.

What amazes me is that a mother was in striking distance of that guy with both her children. Just hanging there, repacking her stuff from bag to another. The same guy that was punching and kicking a trash can a couple minutes before.

I guess common sense isn’t so common.


So I decide on bi bim bap. With two kinds of hot sauce, so the heat and flavor is different on each of the bowl. A diet soda to finish my meal.

The breeze picks up and it promises a cold night this evening. I’ve some yard work and chores lingering.

It’s a good day.


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