Should I fall in love, I ask never to forbid me. I ask but the moon to cover you. Every bit of its radiance and nothing more. Should I ever fall in love again, never say that I cannot. I ask but a day with you, in sun, in laughter, and all the hours spent in such. Should I ever be in love once more, I ask to never to turn away from me. I’d rather see your smiling face in those moments, in my memory forever. – Mitsuo Tanaka Advertisements Continue reading Should

Heart Somewhere

Strange this beating in my chest. Dull thuds as if in march. No pyre, just cold bare earth. Icier still, the sky above it. As if all that was done was but the game of others. Some that live in ivory spires, and those beyond. Some that need never to see such places. Abyssal realms, and their brass crowns for all that rule. Pulsing if but the slowest measure, and I trudge forward, one day looking like any other. – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading Heart Somewhere

In That Void of the Mind

If I should go, trackless dust upon the stars. As much as a breeze, there and forgotten when gone. What voice I’ve had as mute as it ever was. What lingers in echo falls still, silent, and unremembered as much as unremarked. If I should go, no terror awaits me at any lit dawn. Night is gone, dreams like heartbeats and drums. Songs muttered with pursed lips. Scylla if it ever were. All these things as they were before and ever now. However there, in every night sky. Beyond those places of light and fire. – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading In That Void of the Mind

Dreamed Of

I miss those dragons in the sky. Maws so huge they drink the dusk whole, and let the night breathe upon it’s hours. Deep within its belly lies cities with endless roam. Walls of ash and granite, yet the gleam of jewels lies within. Rare, as is the madness to dive into this realm. Swords glint off torchlight, boots march sluggishly in the gloom. There it must be. Beyond the yellowed fangs of every goblin, orc, and fell beast. All will fall, all will suffer spells and blades. Then tomorrow comes, the dragon vanishes, and I am left one day … Continue reading Dreamed Of

Never Rest

There is no god for me. Seems discerned by every star in the sky. Calls cry out to empty roads. Miles of asphalt echo back as still as they were before. Crows gather. The sky, less light. No moon, no breeze, but there lingers that chill. Quiet as every headstone. Inasmuchas I cry Why? No answer. Never one. Just a sign somewhere ahead that is supposed to be there. One more mile, then one more, and I’ll never see the end of these days ever. Just the sound my heart breaking. – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading Never Rest