Dreamed Of

I miss those dragons in the sky. Maws so huge they drink the dusk whole, and let the night breathe upon it’s hours. Deep within its belly lies cities with endless roam. Walls of ash and granite, yet the gleam of jewels lies within. Rare, as is the madness to dive into this realm. Swords glint off torchlight, boots march sluggishly in the gloom. There it must be. Beyond the yellowed fangs of every goblin, orc, and fell beast. All will fall, all will suffer spells and blades. Then tomorrow comes, the dragon vanishes, and I am left one day … Continue reading Dreamed Of

Never Rest

There is no god for me. Seems discerned by every star in the sky. Calls cry out to empty roads. Miles of asphalt echo back as still as they were before. Crows gather. The sky, less light. No moon, no breeze, but there lingers that chill. Quiet as every headstone. Inasmuchas I cry Why? No answer. Never one. Just a sign somewhere ahead that is supposed to be there. One more mile, then one more, and I’ll never see the end of these days ever. Just the sound my heart breaking. – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading Never Rest

Just Nothing

There was some manner of smoke at the end of that voice. Flameless, left dingy from where it was at. It was just a trick of the eye that was left back in such unlit corners. Just a dream passing before the day’s work. There was never anyone behind these grey curtains. Feelings were meant to be just like this. Remain fragile, disposable, and something that disappears the moment the morning comes through that window. – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading Just Nothing

For …

It’s late and the hours turn to dark. No amount of running will catch the sun. No amount of tears upon a pillow. No matter the screams that turn to sighs. That ring binds tightly, as much as it’s diamond, as much as it’s vow. As much as the arms that hold out to hug their mother. Beautiful, lithe, and every mirror will say so. Just not by him. Never on her bruises. Never in the blood from her mouth. Never, and said no more. – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading For …