Waking Upon Dream

Mortal, as in fire, in desire. All burned, never sated. As human, as a flower would be. Cares, yet crushed. A wave of a hand in the rain and wind. For all it’s chill, it’s promise of deluge and faint trace of every phantom that seems to walk by. Every memory, every smile. Every moment seems gone, beyond that grasp, beyond that reach. Then they are. – Mitsuo Tanaka Advertisements Continue reading Waking Upon Dream


Hither upon what hint of winter. Not of sky, not upon its wind. That of what touches memory, and every hour upon the glass. Falling sand, cold. Moments feel icy, bare. Forward to that pale landscape. Forward, and less the dreams of warmth. Her hand in mine. Raindrops at one time, and a kiss stolen while they splash. All but snow now. Much like fallout, the bare ashes of what once was. Watching all joy washed away, then fade to black.   – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading Hazy


What specter visits me in these hours? In those I should hold her, alas not. What words should be whispered, yet held so tight in my chest. Stayed, as though held under ice. What dream would have me cry so much. There, in silence and dark, in my slumber she should be. May it then be the one time I hold her hand, the one time I look into her eyes. One kiss, and to part, yet this specter visits me all the more. – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading Break

Away in Dream

As it would be, it is dure. Time that would be so, it is thus. Time together should be so, alas not. Careless it is not. Callous, far from this. Just a moment more, such rare bliss. As much as the caress of her hand, as any kiss upon her lips. Far there, and away upon endless sea. Far it is, for these feet to fall upon those shores. Just dream, and know she’s there. In such sleep, I will find my way to her. – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading Away in Dream