Until Such Time

I send this on the wind. Every word left unspoken yet felt with every syllable. I send it there, along the green mountains, past their rocky, rainy peaks. There, across that ivory shore, beyond that golden horizon, and hope it will reach to where it should be. In time, but less that hour glass. Less the sun rolling around, less the moon and seasons, and every turn of the leaves. I write these words, so if spoken by her, they recite my love. Not in this life but the next, for this one is as it is, whether it should … Continue reading Until Such Time

The Virtue of Phantoms

Patience.  I’ve to rediscover that. I’ve to revisit it like a grave or a dusty yellowed photograph left in a keepsake until time’s hands are gone.   Moments held still.  Moments long into what the stars no longer see.  Linger on then fade.  Invisible, untouchable, cast into what wind, what dust. Words that no longer echo along empty corridors, seeping into its wood and nails.  Laughter and smiles, cozy beds on cold mornings, and all the time in the world to love each second of each.  Moments held but turn to ash within my palms. I’ve yet to remember patience, … Continue reading The Virtue of Phantoms

Late Night, Restless

  It is midnight perfect here. The rain falls heavily outside, rising to a crescendo, then falls to back its usual noise of its grind. The eaves drop like perspiration. It is otherwise quiet but not dark. The city needs light, but what is lit is left to be desired. Drive out to past the dull ache of street lamps, and I find myself where it used to be home. That nowhere in the now, that none of my memory matters. Just new ones, but never as many, as well as those before. Just the dreams that come and go … Continue reading Late Night, Restless


In what the others stars avoid, in their still gaze upon the world. That half of life they see, through inky ether, and the resting heads below. That bit of light, the sparkle and glow, and laughter from the one I was born under. The Star of Irony. As much as I walk away from it’s light, it remains, casting deep shadows before me. As much as I run, the darker the paths get, until my feet bring me into a lightless shore of my Thule. That if I am king, it is of here. That if I am a … Continue reading #fati

Where the Light Went

There is a window that’s light wanders away from it. Walks into the black, into distant memory. There is that light that flickers windless, lone. There, in that cold and still, and never goes out. In that window, it’s all grey and silent. Past the glass and frame, married into the laughter that stopped decades ago. Smiles that have long since disappeared. Stories that the walls no longer hold. Every tear shed, every drop of sweat, for a bloodless dream. In that dream, ripples upon lakes and the moon’s twin gone. Every bit of its pale wonder vanished in the … Continue reading Where the Light Went

Dream Realm (rough)

It is there upon every reach.  Bright shores and inky veils, and closer, other shades as well. This place, layers upon layers, and within each layer, every delight, every wish, every lie, all the truth, the pounding of hearts in chests, the screams and cold sweat, the smiles then tears of what once was. Tranquil ponds.  Ghetto.  Fields of heather and short grass.  Clouds without end.  Greycast mirrors that see faces long gone. The oneiroverse. Continue reading Dream Realm (rough)