At the pace of every falling star. Mirror of the night, across dark lake. The destiny of moments, as much as dust, as much as the distance of those pale flickers. Ever still, forevermore now. Then kiss, what then? A beauty that makes all other things seem ill. Onyx treasure, in every glance she gives. That there is warmth in the chill of every breeze. That the dawn would rise and bloom as roses do, as she would waken. One day, all moments such as these. With her, only her, always her. – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading Vanish

Blue Collar

The drop of coin, the rustle of dusty clothes/dirty boots, brow still sweaty and beaten/lantern lit upon that old porch/swing on an old oak, laundry just about dry/the sun a murky orange upon its last rays of the day/warm bath, hot dinner, cool night wind/tomorrow one more day of toil, but in dreams, the weekend comes/children laughing, old friends and cold brew, a new blue dress for the missus/just whittle the week away in that grind until such time/under lit moon and the stars that call upon sleep – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading Blue Collar


There, light upon the East. Nights turn into sand. Every second, pitiless, they fall from my hand. Days burn into wait, salt upon each hour, down upon my face. Just turn away into that nevermore. Raven wing dark, and caludron cast every curse upon me. In torrents thick as mud. Spin those spells, siren calls, and Charybdis awaits me. Turn away, from that light upon the East. So‚Äč I walk away forevermore. – Mitsuo Tanaka Continue reading Dimmed